Dollar General Corporation (NYSE: DG) | Sales Projections & Market Trends

Dollar General Corporation is one of the largest discount retailers and provides various merchandise including food products, other consumables, seasonal products other lower ticket items. Currently, it operates about 13,600 stores located in 44 states. DG has been focused on its store acquisitions program, better price management, merchandise initiatives and cost containment.

Dollar General is correlated with all basic employment indicators primarily around the employment indicators. Manufacturing employment is a leading indicator suggesting that Dollar General is impacted by this indicator in the following quarter.

Dollar General Corporation (NYSE: DG) correlates with the above economic indicators.

Dollar General Corporation (NYSE: DG) correlates with the above economic indicators.


SalesForekast™ projects Dollar General to grow in sales over the next few quarters but at rates lower than historical represented by their best fit line. This may partially be due to a rising economy where Dollar General may lose to competition. Further, reductions in SNAP benefits will hamper Dollar General performance as people with low income will have less money to spend and could restrict spending to low margin products. 


SalesForekast™  projections for Dollar General Corporation (NYSE: DG)

SalesForekast™ projections for Dollar General Corporation (NYSE: DG)


SalesForekast™ correlates historical sales or market capitalization data with over 30 selected macroeconomic indicators to project data for future quarters based on the forecasts for the macroeconomic indicators that drive the company’s sales or market cap.