Walkthrough and Tutorial

This video will take you through all the basic features and functions of the SalesForekast™ software. It is only about 5 minutes. If you are new to SalesForekast™ or wondering if it is right for you, you want to watch this video!

If you still have questions or want to talk about using SalesForekast™ for your company you can reach out to us using this contact form.


See how the powerful projection and forecasting tools within SalesForekast™ work together to give you the information you need to make informed, calculated decisions.

SalesForekast™ Product Overview Sheet

SalesForekast™ Product Overview Sheet


Read the "Your Sales Forecasts Powered by Big Data" white paper and see how macroeconomic reporting can have a large impact on your bottom line and forecasting efforts.

SalesForekast™ White Paper

SalesForekast™ White Paper


Q: What is SalesForekast™?

A: SalesForekast™ is a cloud-based software platform that correlates sales history with macroeconomic indicators as well as projects sales for a company, division, or even a product line based on the last five years of sales history. These projections are valuable in several areas including understanding the drivers of business, budgetary planning, valuations, etc. Large consulting firms provide similar, more customized services at significantly higher prices.

Q: How does SalesForekast™ create its sales forecasts?

A: SalesForekast™ develops a range of forecasted sales for up to three years in several ways:

  1. Determines which of more than 30 macroeconomic indicators has a high correlation with company sales.
  2. Correlates sales with those economic indicators to determine the best relationships and focuses on the 4-6 highest correlated variables.
  3. Uses future forecasts of the correlated indicators to develop forecasts for your sales.
  4. Finds the best fit for inherent sales trends based on the sales of a moving average that minimizes seasonality impact. It is ideal for companies with large, national customer base.

Q: Could I implement this style of reporting for myself?

A: You could do this yourself, but SalesForekast™ allows clients to forego days of tedious calculations and receive seasonally adjusted forecasts quickly, in a matter of seconds.

Q: Who created SalesForekast™?

A: This SaaS model has been developed by Rahul Kapur, who is a Managing Director at Icon Investment Partners, along with Guilford Group. Rahul Kapur has over 35 years of successful business experience. He works actively with Icon Investment Partners and their portfolio companies in strategy development, M&A, new product development, restructuring, geographic expansion, etc. Recent investments include Victor Technologies, Chromalox and Porex. Rahul has advised companies on sales forecasting processes and modeling for many years, has led numerous projects, and did analysis based on these models for Porex and Victor Technologies. SalesForekast™ has been developed based on his expertise. Rahul has been on a number of boards, including Innovolt, Smarter Remarketer, Pyrox, Con-space, WorkHere and Guilford Group. Rahul worked with Aearo Technologies, Dow Chemical and Unilever. He has an engineering and MBA degree as well.

Q: What geographic areas can SalesForekast™ analyze?

A: The software focuses on the US; though if US sales are significant (over 60% of total sales), the correlation with global sales can be high. This provides a capability for smaller to mid-sized companies that many Fortune 100 companies deploy. It is a valuable validation of your internal sales forecast and can help support your budget with your board or the market if you are part of a public company.